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Our Overarching Vision

At CAD League, we firmly believe in maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity in everything we do- in the quality of the work we deliver to our customers, our commitment to all our stakeholders, and the integrity of the highest ethics we uphold. This unswerving focus on quality is encapsulated in our vision statement

"To be a values-based global organization, providing customer-centric solutions to the highest standards of excellence, creating value to all stakeholders."


Company Information

CAD League is a privately owned multinational CAD Services team. We provide outsourcing services in CAD design, conversion and allied services to clients around the world. CAD League has been in the CAD Conversion services space for 11 years and has worked with more than 400 clients to date. CAD League UK is established in 2018 aiming to work up close with our Europen clients. We have over 80 full-time employees who perform a full range of CAD services.

Infrastructure: State of the art, Efficient & Secure

CAD League believes in quality rather than quantity. Our utmost care to detail helped us deliver state of the art projects for clients across the globe.


Confidentiality: Imperative

We attach the utmost importance to our customers' confidential data, by signing Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements as applicable, to ensure that all client data and information sent to us is secure. All our facilities have controlled access entry points, and information is shared on a need-to-know basis with authorized personnel only.

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